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FAQ - Frequently asked questions
I've inserted the mywellness key in the USB port of my computer but nothing happens.
Please follow these guidelines to ensure you have set up the system properly
On the display I can read "bAtt". What should I do?
Please follow these guidelines to evaluate the matter.
The display is completely white. What should I do?
If you are using the mywellness key for the first time you have to switch on the key. Follow these guidelines to evaluate the matter.
The display is completely black. What should I do?
If you are using the mywellness key and you will find display is completely black, try to push the mywellness key button. If nothing happens follow these guidelines to evaluate the matter.
I push the button on the mywellness key, nothing happens. What should I do?
If you are using the mywellness key and you push the button and nothing happens, follow these guidelines to evaluate the matter.
I've lost my mywellness key / my mywellness key is broken. Do I have to register again on the mywellness portal?
No you don't have to register again on the Portal. What you have to do, it's switch on the new key and insert it in the computer as you have done with your previous mywellness key. Automatically you will be redirected to the login page - here please digit your Username and Password. Hence the mywellness key is associated to your account.
Why do I need to download a dedicated software on my computer during the registration phase?
The mywellness link software is necessary to synchronize the data on the key with the Portal. Without this software the mywellness portal can't be accessed with the mywellness key.
The mywellness key is waterproof?
No it isn't. Please don't use the mywellness key in activities which involve contact with water.
Which is the mywellness key battery duration?
The mywellness key battery life depends on the usage - as an average the battery lasts 30 days. Before the battery goes completely down you will see "bAtt" on the display of the key.
How the mywellness key has to be worn?
The mywellness key, has to be worn horizontally and the closest possible to the barycentre of your body. So the ideal position is on your belt using the clip put in the back side of it. If you don't wear it in this way the measurement results will not be correct.
Does the mywellness key measure exercise done on a bike?
If you are cycling on a Technogym exercise bike or equipment fitted with a TGS reader, then the figure provided for calorie consumption will be accurate as it is calculated directly by the equipment. Otherwise, the mywellness key does not provide an accurate measurement of calories burnt when cycling because the centre of the body remains too stable. Activities that mywellness is unable to measure can however be entered manually via the mywellness portal or by your Wellness Expert.
How accurate is the mywellness key?
The data the mywellness key provides about the amount of calories you are burning is very similar to the data generated in scientific research by energy expenditure measurement devices. The mywellness key will therefore give you a very good idea of how your activity levels change from day to day.
How does the mywellness key work and what does it track?
The mywellness key contains a motion sensor. The mywellness key measures all your movements and transform them in useful parameters indicating your physical activity level. The mywellness key measures the intensity and duration of your physical activities, calories burned and other interesting parameters indicating the quality of your lifestyle.
Do I have to use the website or can I use the mywellness key in a standalone mode?
We strongly recommend to use the Portal. We do not provide any way to dump data to your computer in a standalone mode - if you want to just wear the mywellness key without using any analytical tool you can do it but you will lose all the aggregated info and advices that you can find on the Portal.
How can I reset and restart the mywellness key?
Follow these steps to reset and switch on the mywellness key.
I drove my car and my Move increased. Why?
Because of oscillation caused by bumps, the device can store Move.
How can I set the time on the display?
Follow these steps to set the time on the mywellness key.